The Company

ZaPOP are specialists in the in-store marketing arena.
Promote your brand at the moment of decision, increase profits.

Why ZaPOP?

A strong and competitive in-store presence is crucial. It can determine a brand or product’s ‘retail survival’. It encourages immediate purchases, improves brand awareness, and makes shoppers aware of your product.

And this is exactly where we come in…

ZaPOP is a company that specialises in the in-store marketing arena. For more than 10 years, we’ve made it our core business to understand how shoppers interact at the point of purchase.  We’ve developed a unique and extensive range of innovative in-store solutions. Each of these is designed to move your brand off the shelves and into the homes of consumers.

Our advertising options include printed media, audio, and digital media. These are all extensively tested and proven to raise brand awareness. They help you to promote your brand and convey your message directly to the target audience, where and when it counts.

Please take the time to browse through our Online Brochure. It contains all the info you may need regarding our extensive and exciting range of media tools.

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What is ZaPOP?

ZaPOP are specialists in the in-store marketing arena. ZaPOP provides marketers with an exciting opportunity to engage shoppers along their path to purchase. This is done through a number of in-store media solutions and strategies.

By utilising ZaPOP’s services, you are able to achieve the following:

  • Elevate your brand to be “top of mind” for shoppers through engaging them effectively in-store
  • Promote your brand at the shelf and along the shopper path to purchase throughout the store
  • Increase profits through driving sales of non-discounted items by increasing positive brand association
  • Encourage shoppers to trial new and existing products and drive switching strategies in-store
  • Stimulate impulse buying
  • Increase brand presence beyond your allocated shelf space
  • Utilise media for a stand-alone campaign or to supplement mainstream advertising

Why should you use ZaPOP?

  • Unique point-of-purchase solutions
  • When a shopper enters a store, 82% of brand decision hangs in the balance. This means that it’s completely up to you to make up his/her mind. You can do this through effective advertising. Ask yourself this: is my advertising campaign’s placement in-store in an effective location?
  • More than 1 in 6 purchases are made when there is a display in-store (Source: POPAI 2012)
  • 55% of purchases are unplanned (Source: POPAI 2012)
  • 20% of planned purchases do not make it into the shopping basket because of a lack of in-store engagement (Source: TNS)