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Shelf Tray

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The Shelf Tray is a custom-designed display stand used to house one row of products.

  • Keeps product display neat
  • Makes your brand stand out more on the shelf
  • The colourful display increases product awareness
  • Protects your product’s shelf space and accentuates the product’s position in its category


Shelf Tray units should be interlocking to allow for a variance in the number of product facings on the shelf. The branding is the actual display area on the tray on which the promotional message is printed and may be used if the branding is not included in the actual Shelf Tray creation.

Shelf Tray specifications:

Maximum size: Depth: 400 mm; height: 10 mm; product forward share width: +- 8 mm.

Material: Makrolon 2807 or Bayblent T65. Any other materials must first be approved by ZaPOP before the units are made up.

Tolerances: Injection moulding: ±1%. Any other processes and/or tolerances must first be approved by ZaPOP.

Header Card specifications:

Size: As per frontal area of the tray.

Colour: Full colour CMYK, one side only.

Stock: Removable self-adhesive vinyl.

Pin number:

All media provided by ZaPOP in store must carry an identification number supplied by ZaPOP, e.g. (ZaPOP PIN: AS3341120610), confirming the legality of the campaigns.

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