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Basket Defender

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The Basket Defender is fixed to the front of display baskets. It defines and highlights your brand’s forward share

  • Your brand will never again go unseen
  • Highlights brand location when facing product baskets


The Basket Defender is fixed to the front of the display baskets and serves as a strong tool to highlight your brand.

Basket Defender specifications:

Size: Please confirm size.

Colour: Full colour CMYK, one side only.

Stock: 0.9 mm ABS, die cut to size with 10 mm rounded corners.

Material: 250 gsm coated art in matt or gloss, or 80 – 100 micron vinyl.

Finish: Laminated gloss or matt film, mounted onto 0.9 mm ABS, laminated and die cut to size.

Pin Number:

All media provided by ZaPOP in store must carry an identification number supplied by ZaPOP, e.g. (ZaPOP PIN: AS3341120610), confirming the legality of the campaigns.

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