Be it an immediate purchase, improving brand awareness, or simply letting
the shopper know you are there.You must have a strong in-store presence.

Freezer Flag

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The Freezer Flag is placed strategically around your product in any open flatbed freezers. They immediately show shoppers where to find your product in the sometimes confusing and cluttered freezer section.

  • Highlights brand location
  • Draws attention to your product in busy sections
  • Encourages impulse buying through brand prominence


The Freezer Flag is a double-sided die cut Header Card. The Header Card is the actual display area on which the promotional message is printed. The shape of the Header Card can vary and the thickness is important as it gives the card stability.

Header Card specifications:

Size: 280 mm (W) x 280 mm (H) with a 30 mm (W) x 100 mm straight edge at the rear of the medium. The straight edge allows the attachment of the fridge bracket to the Header Card.

Litho printing:

Material: 250 gsm coated art in matt or gloss.

Colour: 4-colour CMYK palette.

Finish: Laminated gloss or matt film.

Digital printing:

Vinyl: 80 – 100 micron permanent white vinyl

Colour: Full colour CMYK.

Substrate: 2 mm – 3 mm white waterproof foamboard. Each side must be printed separately, then mounted back-to-back (on substrate) and die cut.

Mirror image:

If it is a double-sided display, a mirror image of all artwork must be supplied.

Pin number:

All media provided by ZaPOP in store must carry an identification number supplied by ZaPOP, e.g. (ZaPOP PIN: AS3341120610), confirming the legality of the campaigns.

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