Be it an immediate purchase, improving brand awareness, or simply letting
the shopper know you are there.You must have a strong in-store presence.

Brand Activation

Brand Activation gives shoppers the opportunity to interact directly with the brand.

  • Communicates main features and benefits directly to the shopper
  • Excites shoppers to purchase the product
  • Encourages sampling
  • Great for new launches


ZaPOP’s Brand Activation covers all regions as well as all retailers. Our main focus is in-store promotions, but we are also able to do intersections, beach promotions, festivals, as well as centre courts.

Clients need to complete a detailed client brief, explaining exactly what they require for their promotion in order for ZaPOP to supply them with an accurate quote. Training is provided for all promoters and, if required, the sourcing of elements needed for the promotion can be done as well.

We pride ourselves in providing the client with weekly feedback reports, as well as an in-depth feedback report at the end of the campaign.

We also capture bookings for all Shoprite Checkers in-store promotions on a system called PromoDiary.

All promotions that take place in Shoprite Checkers stores need to be booked on PromoDiary.

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