Be it an immediate purchase, improving brand awareness, or simply letting
the shopper know you are there.You must have a strong in-store presence.

Till Slips

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The Till Slip Rewards mechanic, which is exclusive to Shoprite Checkers, is an effective and exciting way to support different objectives; for example:

• Promoting a new product launch
• Educating shoppers on key product benefits
• Increasing in-store sales
• Acquiring new customers
• Retaining current customers
• Gaining actionable insight about your customer

Our Till Slip offering is a unique and personalised platform that gives your brand the opportunity to engage with shoppers via these select mediums:

• Till Slip competition via USSD, SMS or WhatsApp
• Till Slip target message
• Till Slip coupon
• Lottery campaign
• Digital coupons
• Digital vouchers

For best results run omni-channel campaigns. This will help to support the Till Slip campaign and to ensure that a holistic marketing plan is executed. For example, use in-store advertising and digital channels in conjunction with a Till Slip campaign.

Our offering includes:

Post campaign analysis which will be provided after the campaign end date to track sales uplift, for example: basket penetration, sales uplift, and redemption rate statistics.