Be it an immediate purchase, improving brand awareness, or simply letting
the shopper know you are there.You must have a strong in-store presence.

Product Indicator

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The Product Indicator is placed in front of the media on the shelf where the price of the unit is displayed, making the brand stand out from its competition.

  • Placed in front of the product and framing the price, helping it stands out from other advertising
  • Places your product at the centre of the shopper’s mind
  • Provides more information about the product and its price


The Product Indicator consists of high gloss digital printed vinyl applied to durable thick cardboard paper that fits over the PI Label strip right below the product.

Maximum size: Diameter of 150 mm.

Litho printing:

Material: 250 gsm coated art in matt or gloss. Printing must be done on one side only.

Colour: 4-colour CMYK palette.

Finish: Laminated gloss or matt film.

Digital printing:

Material: 0.5 PST

Vinyl: 80 – 100 micron permanent white vinyl.

Colour: 4-colour CMYK palette.

Finish: Laminated gloss or matt finish.

Substrate: 0.5 PST

Please apply double-sided tape to the flip of the unit.

Pin number:

All media provided by ZaPOP in store must carry an identification number supplied by ZaPOP, e.g. (ZaPOP PIN: AS3341120610), confirming the legality of the campaigns.

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