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ZaPOP – Culture – Olympic Day – September25th October 2016

Olympic Day

To celebrate this year’s Olympic Games, ZaPOP hosted their very own Olympics Day at Contermanskloof in the Western Cape. The various games included office chair races, cookie face, scooping jelly beans with a spoon in your mouth, flip the cup, and many more outrageously funny minute-to-win-it games. Take a look at some of our champions in action:

ZaPOP---Olympics-Da4y ZaPOP---Olympics-Da7y ZaPOP---Olympics-Day1 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day2 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day3 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day5 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day6 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day8 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day9 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day10 ZaPOP---Olympics-Day11

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