Be it an immediate purchase, improving brand awareness, or simply letting
the shopper know you are there.You must have a strong in-store presence.

SMS Line

The SMS Line gives shoppers the opportunity to enter your competition.

  • No cost to you
  • Draws attention by highlighting competitions
  • Can be used in any retailer

SMS Line number: 34449

SMS Line activation:

Complete the SMS Line activation questionnaire regarding the name of the competition, the question to the shoppers, the answer to the question, the reply message, the start and end date of the competition and the prizes available to winners. We also need to know who the contact person is in order for us to be able to send them the results.

Terms and Conditions as well as the cost of the line (e.g. R1.00) must be mentioned on the media advertising your competition. A message will be sent back to the shoppers once they entered the competition.

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