Be it an immediate purchase, improving brand awareness, or simply letting
the shopper know you are there.You must have a strong in-store presence.

A5 Leaflet Box

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The A5 Leaflet Box is attached to the host media which creates a feeling of superiority and helps your product stand out from the rest.

  • Brings more depth into designs to catch shoppers’ attention
  • Communicates additional brand information
  • Leaflets provide additional product information to the shopper



Size                 :         155 mm wide x 147 mm high (visual size)


Size                :         148 mm wide x 210 mm high.


The A5 Leaflet Box Add-on is available for the following media types:

  • Category Banner
  • Category Divider
  • Eye Catcher
  • Freezer Catcher
  • Freezer Divider
  • Freezer Flag
  • Any Media bigger than 155 mm wide x 210 mm high can carry A5 Leaflet Box (subject to substrate type)

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