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Our ZaPOP media provides marketers with an exciting opportunity to promote their brand directly to their target audience in-store. This creates the opportunity to convert your shopper into a loyal customer.
These case studies show how we have targeted our clients needs.

Clover SA (Pty) Ltd – Fresssha is Besssta

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Campaign Elements:

The Category Banners focus all of the shopper’s attention on your product by highlighting its shelf space. It offers the versatility to frame small product sections or an entire brand family.

The Shelf Strip fits inside the product information label strip which is fixed to the shelf, right below the product.

The Brand Spotter* is attached to the shelf in front of your product and is spotted easily by the shoppers as they make their way through the store.

*This particular Brand Spotter is a Cross-over Media which is displayed in different categories. Cross-over’s highlight brands with limited shelf space and catches the shoppers’ attention as they navigate store aisles.

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