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The South African Emerging Market: Act like a Local

South Africa is an upper middle income country. However, its income distribution is one of the most skewed in the world. This is due to a lack of skills, education and an uneven disposable income. Emerging markets are not distinctly different from other markets. They are simply starting from a lower base and rapidly catching up. Their infrastructure is often less developed, channels are fragmented and cultural preferences tend to be more complex and varied. As a result, the South African Emerging Market is born, with unpredictable consumer demand and shopping behaviour.


Shopper Marketing - Make it easy for shoppers to find your products

How many times have you walked down grocery aisles, overwhelmed by choices? A thousand brands vying for your attention. Are they interrupting you or are they guiding you through engagement, offering you a relevant solution to your needs?  Shoppers are faced with numerous options along their shopping trip. Every product attempts to make it into the shopper’s basket.


How the Digital Age is affecting the Shopper Journey – The evolving Shopper Journey

Have you ever found yourself searching online for something you want to purchase? Looking for the cheapest price, promotion or best alternative? Have you ever found yourself looking up your favourite shops or the newest online shop trending?


Men buy, women shop7th March 2015

Men buy, women shop

One of the major factors in customers’ decision-making behaviour is gender. It refers to the social relationship/roles and responsibilities of men and women. There are different expectations of the characteristics, aptitudes and likely behaviours of men and women (femininity and masculinity). These vary within and between cultures. They may also change over time.